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Updated: May 27, 2023

Breaking Barriers and Building a Legacy: Tinu Peña's Journey to Founding Motre Co.

When it comes to business, we often hear stories of people who have taken a traditional path to success. However, sometimes the most interesting stories come from those who have taken a less conventional route. Tinu Peña, the founder of Motre Co., is one such individual. As a second-generation American of Nigerian descent, Tinu's personal journey has been anything but typical. After going through a divorce and becoming a mother of two young children, she decided to pursue a career in engineering as a means to an end. Today, she is the founder of a startup development and management consulting firm based in Palm Beach County, Florida. In this article, we will take a closer look at Tinu's background, her unique perspective on the industry, and what sets Motre Co. apart from other consulting firms.

How it all began

Tinu, a second-generation American of Nigerian descent, grew up valuing education. After leaving college to join the United States Army, she served as a missile system specialist, achieving the rank of sergeant. While serving, she attended Chaminade University of Honolulu and earned an associate degree in computer science. After being honorably discharged, she pursued her dream of becoming an architect and enrolled in Palm Beach State College, where she received an associate degree in architecture. She then transferred to Florida Atlantic University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in civil engineering with a minor in Business Administration. During the economic downturn of 2007, she decided to further her education and enrolled at Boston University, where she obtained a master's degree in project management.

In addition to her enrollment at Boston University, Tinu was compelled to reassess her career path due to the economic downturn. Following the loss of her initial post-college job, she established Motre Co. as an interior decorating company, which subsequently transformed into a civil engineering consulting firm in 2014. This marked a significant milestone as Motre Co. became the first civil engineering firm in Palm Beach County to be owned by an African American woman.

"Picture all the amazing things that could happen if you chase after your dreams, and then go out there and make it happen!"

Looking ahead

After putting the company on hiatus for a couple of years to pursue a job opportunity in capital improvement management, Tinu faced the loss of her job again in 2020. She took some time to re-evaluate her purpose, delving deep into herself to find her motivation. It was during this introspection that she realized her desire to rebrand her company as a development and management services firm. Tinu's story has always been characterized by overcoming challenges, and through this process, she has emerged as a formidable asset to watch in the industry. Tinu's journey to becoming a trailblazing entrepreneur was not a straightforward one, but her resilience and determination have brought her to this great space.

With the rebranding, the company is now fully committed to breaking barriers and becoming a leader in the industry. Their goal is to support a future of sustainable, functional, and integrated concepts, designs, and development. As a development and management consulting firm, Tinu and her team are dedicated to providing exceptional services to their clients and helping them achieve their project goals.

The Differentiator

Motre Co.'s vision is to break barriers and become a leader in the industry, supporting a sustainable, functional, and integrated future of design concepts and development. Tinu's breadth of experience and talent is an asset to the company, but what sets Motre apart is its commitment to core values. With experience working as a Design Engineer for land development companies, Engineering Assistant Manager on the first public-private partnership project in Florida for a concessionaire, and overseeing the capital program for a local municipality as the Capital Improvement Project Manager, Tinu understands what it takes to get the job done - from the business aspects to the project lifecycle. Motre is well-equipped to work with developers, engineering and architecture firms, and construction companies, as the team understands and speaks their language. The team's keen grasp of best practices, along with their understanding of the importance of equitable development through community needs assessment and stakeholder engagement during project development and construction, helps them get the job done efficiently.

The woman herself

Tinu's passion for empowering women and supporting grassroots community leaders is reflected in her work with the Banwo Foundation. In addition to her philanthropic pursuits, she is also a published author and enjoys exploring her creativity through home improvement projects. As a mother, Tinu takes pride in her children's achievements. Her son recently graduated from her alma mater, Florida Atlantic University, with a degree in Management Information Systems, while her daughter is currently a sophomore in an Architecture program at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Tinu's determination and drive inspire her to continue building her legacy and overcoming the challenges that come with being a trailblazer in her industry.

To do business with Motre Co. contact us at or call 561.317.5951.



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