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At Motre, we're committed to integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our project development. With our expertise in sustainable design, environmental planning, and green building certification, we offer a comprehensive range of sustainability services to help clients achieve their environmental objectives. Our sustainability services include sustainable design consulting, where we provide guidance on incorporating green building principles into architectural and engineering designs. We also offer environmental planning and management services, assisting clients in navigating regulatory requirements and conducting impact assessments to ensure projects are environmentally responsible. Additionally, we provide support in obtaining LEED certification for green buildings, helping clients showcase their commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability Services

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Sustainable Design Consulting

We offer expertise in sustainable design principles and strategies to enhance the environmental performance of buildings and infrastructure projects. Our services are designed to enhance the environmental performance of buildings and infrastructure projects through the application of innovative sustainable design principles and strategies. We offer expert guidance and support to our clients, helping them integrate environmentally friendly practices into their projects from the initial design phase onwards.

Green Building Certification Assistance

We guide clients through the process of obtaining LEED certification for their projects by implementing proven green building strategies and ensuring compliance with certification requirements. This involves collaborating closely with clients to identify sustainable design solutions that align with LEED standards. Our team offers expertise in various areas such as energy efficiency, water conservation, materials selection, indoor environmental quality, and sustainable site development. We provide comprehensive support throughout the certification process, from initial planning and design stages to final documentation and submission. Our goal is to streamline the certification process and help clients achieve their sustainability goals effectively and efficiently.

Sustainable Infrastructure Development

We specialize in supporting the design and construction of sustainable infrastructure projects, which encompass a wide array of initiatives aimed at minimizing environmental impact and promoting long-term ecological health. Our expertise extends to various areas, including the development of green streets, the implementation of renewable energy systems, and the design of effective stormwater management solutions.

In the realm of green streets, we focus on creating roadways and thoroughfares that prioritize sustainability by integrating features such as permeable pavements, native vegetation, and efficient drainage systems. These elements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of urban areas but also mitigate the environmental impact of traditional street designs.

Case Studies
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Feasibility Study

Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District

Patch Reef Park Multipurpose Field Resurface



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