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Management Services

Motre Co.'s Management Services encompass a comprehensive array of project planning and development solutions. From the initial conceptualization to the execution phase, we bring our expertise to streamline the entire project lifecycle. Our dedicated team ensures effective coordination, strategic planning, and efficient project management, providing clients with the confidence that their vision will be translated into a successful reality.


At Motre, we take pride in ensuring that your project concept is developed with the right experts at the table. We collaborate with you to bring your vision to fruition by utilizing industry best practices to assess project goals, risks, and anticipated outcomes.

Our services



Project Planning

We serve as your project advisor, assisting in defining objectives, scope, budget, and schedule. Through collaborative user-group sessions, we identify crucial needs and design elements. Our expert team carefully selects architects and design professionals for project success.

Pre-Construction + Programming

Our services enhance project visions by collaborating with contractors during constructability reviews, offering initial budget estimates, and developing pro-formas in collaboration with finance/investor relations. Our expertise in value engineering, Critical Path Method scheduling, and LEED certification ensures cost-effective, sustainable solutions, aiding in Construction Management/General Contractor selection.

Construction Administration

Our services are essential for the construction phase. We perform the required progress inspections, review contractor payments, and manage the schedule with the General Contractor. Our team ensures safety inspections, quality control, and on-site project checks, minimizing change order requests. We also provide thorough supervision for testing, inspections, walk-throughs, punch list coordination, and on-site supervision as required.

Capital Program/Project Management

We provide tailored capital planning and management solutions to enhance program and project success. Our skilled team supports strategic planning, budgeting, and financial analysis, optimizing resource allocation. We offer complete project oversight, risk management, and stakeholder coordination. Trust our expertise to overcome obstacles and accomplish your objectives with certainty.

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Pre-Construction + Programming

Eva W. Mack Resource Center

Department of Housing + Community Development

City of West Palm Beach

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