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What they are saying

I highly recommend Motre Co. LLC for their exceptional performance in project management, collaboration across departments, and commitment to small-, minority-, and woman-owned business participation requirements. They bring energy, knowledge, and quality service to projects, demonstrating thoroughness, collaboration, and a keen understanding of the big picture with effective solutions.

Frank Hayden, Director, CWPB Office of

Equal Business Opportunity

Motre Co. LLC provided client representation services for a community development project with the Sickle Cell Foundation of Palm Beach County, initiated by the City of West Palm Beach. Their commitment ensured stakeholder needs were addressed throughout the project stages, and their dedication to community service and pro bono efforts supported project commencement. I highly recommend their services for your community development block grant project, as their dedication and qualifications are commendable.

Shalonda Warren, Chief Executive Officer,

Sickle Cell Foundation of PBC

We are pleased to recommend the professional services offered by Motré Co., LLC. Motré was brought on the Design Review team with our firm, to provide civil engineering design review services on The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches Project.
Their attention to detail during the review process of the civil design and geotechnical report review, as well as their response time to clarification items requested was outstanding.
As a young consulting firm, they stepped up to the plate and took a balanced and organized approach to addressing our needs as the client in fulfilling their role on the design review team. We sincerely recommend Motré Co., LLC to fulfill your professional service requirements.

Ed Meinzinger, President, Trillium Construction 

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Securing the win

At Motre, we prioritize a deep understanding of project scope, budget, and client vision. This ensures that our responses to proposals or qualifications position us as strong contenders. Our strategic approach is evident in securing the first-ever submittal win for master planning a regional park, highlighting our expertise in comprehensive planning and design.

Sub-Consultant of Choice

At Motre, medium to large firms recognize our expertise and the value we bring to teams. This has consistently positioned us as a valued sub-consultant on various projects, contributing to the successful acquisition of project contracts.


At Motre, we embody resilience and adaptability. Successfully navigating transitions, including a hiatus, we've emerged as a development and management firm, showcasing our steadfast commitment to industry leadership.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Motre, we actively promote social responsibility, with a focus on encouraging girls to pursue STEM fields. This underscores our commitment to community impact and supports philanthropic efforts through the company's foundation.

Our Achievements



Team Values and Culture

Innovative Excellence

At Motre Co., our core values are the bedrock of our success. We are solution-driven, consistently seeking innovative approaches in our development and management services.


Our commitment to value addition underlines every project, where we strive not only to meet expectations but to exceed them. Collaboration is embedded in our DNA; we believe in the power of teamwork, open communication, and strong partnerships, fostering a culture of shared success. Quality is non-negotiable for us – we adhere to rigorous standards, ensuring that every solution we provide is of the highest caliber.


Our team's passion for innovation, coupled with these core values, defines a company culture that thrives on creativity, excellence, and a relentless pursuit of delivering unparalleled services in the development and management sector.

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